Trump haded Kosovo over: what does he want in exchange?

The information about accusations of Kosovo leader Hashim Thaçi  for serious crimes sounded like a bolt from the blue. The USA started a new big game in the Balkans.

Trump haded Kosovo over: what does he want in exchange?

The information that the president of Kosovo is accused of mass killings of Serbs can certainly be classified as sensational. It would seem that Kosovo as a project of the United States and its European allies belongs to the category of priorities. The separation of this territory from Serbia was warmly welcomed and supported by the West. However, the tasks of the White House have changed dramatically. The special prosecutor’s office of the international crime court in Kosovo suddenly “shot”. Yes, indeed.

The fate of Hashim Thaçi, as the main symbol of a partially recognized state, as well as other Kosovo politicians, now hangs in the balance. He himself is to blame for this, refusing to participate in the deal promoted by Washington with Belgrade. According to sources, Serbia, within the framework of the agreement, would receive part of the lost lands, but would recognize Kosovo and cease to block its entry into international organizations. Thaçi disobeyed and received the a reciprocal action. In addition, in the light of the upcoming elections, Donald Trump must renounce Washington’s support for absolutely odious, many times fined foreign politicians. So to speak, at least occasionally get up on the “bright side”.

But this is just an excuse. The underlying causes lie on a different plane. The hope of the West to incorporate Serbia into the EU and NATO is gradually dissipating. Russia and China are gaining more and more influence in this country, and therefore in all the Balkans. This means that Belgrade, declaring that it intends to continue to adhere to non-aligned status, should be promised new “gingerbread”.

In this regard, Hashim Thaçi  became a bargaining chip in the game of the Americans. He was not sorry. In fact, he is in the current configuration a small bipod, which they decided to sacrifice in the name of larger goals. Whether such a technology will work is a big question. But the West still did not like the activity of Pristina. For example, its plans to create its own Kosovo army.

As a side effect of the persecution of Thaçi and his colleagues, Kosovo could be brought into a more or less divine form. Today, this super-criminalized territory is a headache for Europeans. And the president is more like a gang leader. The train behind it stretches just huge. Including the issue of trade in organs of the Serbs during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. This was stated even by the ex-chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal Carla del Ponte. On his account and much more. Alas, if the striking sword of justice befalls this person, this will be done solely for political reasons. This is what modern “institutions of justice” look like.


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