Trump called Bolton a maniac and rebuked him for wanting to start a war

According to the American leader, his former aide called for “fighting Russia or China.”

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized his former National Security Assistant, John Bolton, calling him a crazy maniac who would “bomb people”. Trump said this in an interview with Fox News, an excerpt of which was published on Thursday.

“Everyone thought he was crazy, because he only wanted to bomb people and said, let’s fight with Russia or China”. –  said the head of state.  – “They always gave me what I wanted in the negotiations because when they saw this maniac Bolton next to me, they thought I was ready to use bombs”, –  he added, admitting that it gave certain advantages in the negotiations.

“He wasn’t doing a good job, , – the White House chief said.

“He wasn’t smart or smart”, –  Trump continued.  – “I don’t remember him smiling at least once. I even asked him once if he was laughing at all. It says a lot about a person”, –  the president said.

He once again criticized former Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who was investigating a later rebutted conspiracy between Republican Trump and Russian authorities.


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