Three people killed in attack on Mexico’s security minister

The mayor of the Mexican capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported the deaths of three people as a result of an attack on the head of the city’s Ministry of Security, Omar Garcia Arfucha, two security guards, as well as an accidental passerby.

«Two police officers who guarded the minister, as well as a casual passerby, died as a result of the attack», –  Scheinbaum said during a briefing from the government’s palace, which is broadcast on her microblog on Twitter.

The attack on the minister’s car using large-caliber weapons and grenades occurred at 6.38, the life of an official who was wounded and is in the hospital is out of danger.

In hot pursuit, 12 people suspected of the attack were detained, the prosecutor’s office is looking for the organizers of the attack. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that the reason for the attempt on the life of Garcia is his work to establish peace and security in the region. Omar Garcia Arfuch took over as minister in 2019 after serving in the investigative police and intelligence operations headquarters.

Garcia led the operations to seize several leaders of criminal gangs, including the Tepito Union, as well as one of the closest supporters of drug baron Shorty from the Sinaloa cartel, nicknamed Lawyer.