“Putin is a superman on a dragon”: the Japanese commented on the grand Victory Parade in Moscow

While the Japanese media, following their Western counterparts, look at our Parade only through the prism of their phantom pains from the loss of the Kuril Islands, ordinary Japanese people set Russia as an example for their own authorities.

"Putin is a superman on a dragon": the Japanese commented on the grand Victory Parade in Moscow

According to the Japanese state-public central television and radio company NHK, in an article on its website translated by the Russian portal Inosmi.ru, a military parade postponed earlier due to the coronavirus pandemic in honor of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany was held on June 24 in the capital of Russia. Speaking at this gala event, President Putin called on the Russian people to unite.

Japanese journalists tried to link the patriotic pathos of the Russian president’s speech with the upcoming July 1 vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

“Many observers believe that the purpose of the military parade is to raise the patriotic mood of the Russians and, by transferring it to a vote, to gain wider support for the people”, – writes NHK.

According to Japanese journalists, the parade, like the future vote, is too risky given the coronavirus pandemic.

“In many constituent entities of the federation, military parades on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory have been canceled. The observers also noted that in Moscow itself, leaders of the West European states, America, China and Japan were absent from the main parade. Even among the leaders of the post-Soviet republics, not everyone came to the parade. The official pretext was just the coronavirus pandemic. Military parades on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory were not held in the “northern territories”, – the article says.

“They were canceled due to the fact that several cases of coronavirus infection were identified one after another in Kunashir and Iturup. Nevertheless, solemn and festive events were still held there. So, a big festive concert was organized in Kunashir. During the event, local residents sang songs of the war years, students of local schools performed traditional Russian dances. Thus, the local population celebrated the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany”, – it mentions.

The Japanese media were clearly displeased by the speech of the Sakhalin governor Valery Limarenko at the parade in the capital of Sakhalin, the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, who specifically said:

“We must always remember that we are the winners in the last war. Our duty to those fallen in it is to sacredly protect the borders of Russia. Thus, he once again emphasized that according to the results of World War II, the “northern territories ”are Russian ones”, – Japanese journalists were upset.

Surprisingly, the comments of ordinary Japanese readers of the article clearly discord with the channel’s openly anti-Russian message; one of them even compared Vladimir Putin with the main character of the now popular comic series Ryde-on-King, which looks like Putin and drives around with a naked torso on a dragon and a bear.

kueno otsukuri

I am against praising victories, but how many beautiful moments in Russian parades! And today I enjoyed it. Clarity, beauty, coherence. And what a war music!


Putin is a Ryde-on-King!


And you look at these chic limousines at the Minister of Defense of Russia and the parade commander. This is the newest Russian “Aurus Senate Cabriolet”. How the Russian economy is being rebuilt! 30 years have passed since the collapse of socialism – and here is the result.


Putin would calmly accept a horse parade. He’s a great rider!


And I want Japan to also prepare to amend the Constitution.


Japanese rulers must also take care of nurturing the patriotism of our people!


Russia is well done. I was able to achieve a change in the Constitution.

okuno toshio

And they said that Putin has recently disappeared somewhere and appears little in the news. So you disappeared.


July 1 in Russia, a popular vote on the Constitution. When will the Japanese people be given the opportunity to speak out on our Constitution?


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