“Neo-Nazis” detained in Odessa, allegedly while trying to set fire to a mosque

Odessa SBU reported on a successful special operation, more similar to another costume performance.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to the SBU press service, the Security Service of Ukraine prevented an attempt by a neo-Nazi organization in Odessa to set fire to a mosque on the eve of Crimean Tatar Flag Day and Constitution Day of Ukraine.

“As part of the criminal proceedings, intelligence service operatives documented that two neo-Nazis planned to carry out a terrorist attack with the aim of destabilizing the socio-political situation in Ukraine and overthrowing the constitutional order. SBU investigators justifiably suspect representatives of the Russian special services in coordinating the structure’s activities, the Ukrainian newspaper writes. The SBU found that one of the detainees arrived in Ukraine after a long stay in the Russian Federation”.

It is striking that this is the second case in recent years, the first was in Kiev, when the SBU, suddenly, reveals a neo-Nazi cell allegedly with connections in Russia. Surprisingly, such “disclosures” occur exactly in time for some significant events for Ukraine, in this case, the Day of the Ukrainian Constitution. At the same time, for six years, the SBU has not reacted in any way to the existence of other neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine, and one of them, the notorious C14, in general, does not hide its close contacts with Ukrainian counterintelligence.

Thus, the logical conclusion suggests itself that the SBU once again staged a noisy performance with “mummers” solely with the aim of gaining an international response.


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