Moscow is studying Trump’s proposal to invite Russia to the G7 summit

Moscow is considering the proposal by the US President Donald Trump to invite Russia to the G7 summit, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says.

Moscow is studying Trump's proposal to invite Russia to the G7 summit

Earlier, Trump said that he would postpone the G7 meeting to September and would like to invite four additional countries: Russia, India, Australia and the Republic of Korea. According to him, the presence of Russia in the G7 requires common sense.

“The relationship is interesting. We, of course, are studying what was proposed by the US president. But I want to note, first of all, the circumstances that are very significant from our point of view. The first is, in our opinion, the steady decline of the Seven as a format that once set the tone for the solution of many significant international problems in various fields from the economy to major issues of conflict resolution. The Seven is not the same as it was before, it is a reflection of the objective processes of multipolar formation”, – Ryabkov said in online interview.

He noted that in general other formats are more priority for Russia, among them the is “Big Twenty”, which, according to Moscow, is the most democratic and inclusive format, as well as BRICS.

“I believe that the Seven +, as presented on the American side, reflects a somewhat one-sided view of the problems, if only because there is no Chinese People’s Republic among those invited to this group”, – Ryabkov added.


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