Headquarters of Russia and Syria reported on the situation around the Rukban camp

The United States is ready to release refugees from the Rukban camp in exchange for assistance for militants under its control. This was told in a statement by the heads of the headquarters of Russia and Syria on the return of refugees to the SAR, Mikhail Mizintsev and Hussein Makhluf.

Headquarters of Russia and Syria reported on the situation around the Rukban camp

It is emphasized that Russia and Syria continue to make efforts to expedite the dismantling of the Rukban refugee camp, and the only obstacle remains the “hypocritical position of the American side, which declares its commitment to universally recognized humanitarian values ​​and human freedoms, but does nothing to comply with them”.

“The United States once again demonstrates its readiness to let everyone out of Rukban in exchange for delivering humanitarian aid to the camp. In this way, the American side is trying to provide militants controlled by it with everything necessary at the expense of international humanitarian organizations, instead of solving the camp’s problems on its own, like require international law from the occupying party”, – the statement said.

It is emphasized that Russia and Syria have already given their consent to the delivery of humanitarian production to the At-Tanf zone in September 2019 and have fulfilled all their obligations, however, the implementation of a plan for the withdrawal of residents developed jointly with the UN was actually foiled by Washington.

“Despite numerous promises by the United States to influence militants under its control, leaders of illegal armed groups appropriated the bulk of humanitarian aid and unilaterally reduced the duration of the humanitarian mission, forbidding residents to leave the camp. As a result, instead of the 2,500 people announced, only 336 citizens left Rukban Syria”, – the statement said


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