Head of Crimea excluded collapse of the USSR if Putin ruled it

According to Sergei Aksenov, Putin is a person with certain approaches and outlooks on life that would not have allowed the Soviet Union to disintegrate.

Head of Crimea excluded collapse of the USSR if Putin ruled it

The head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, on the Crimean television channel said that the Soviet Union would not have collapsed if Russian President Vladimir Putin had ruled the country.

Aksyonov expressed confidence that the role of the president’s personality as a person who leads others is crucial.

“I’m that if Vladimir Vladimirovich were president, the Soviet Union would not have broken up”, – the head of Crimea is convinced. In his opinion, the collapse would not have occurred because Putin has different approaches and outlooks on life, and also has an understanding that “more can be done together”.

Aksyonov added that the development of a country should not be counted on if it does not have a leader who is a fan of his state.

“Ukraine has clearly shown what happens when there is no state leader. Russia was lucky in this situation”, – he said.

Speaking about the amendments to the Constitution, Aksyonov said that if they are adopted and if Putin will run for the new elections in 2024, then most Crimean residents will vote for him.

“Crimea will be for the president, we have no doubt. We would like the president to run for in 2024, Vladimir Vladimirovich will run again, the Crimeans would support him”, – said the head of the peninsula.


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