The leader of the black protesters threatened to “burn the United States”

Supporters of the Black Lives Matter will “burn the system and replace it” if the U.S. authorities do not meet their demands, said the head of the New York branch of the organization Hawk Newsom on Fox News.

The leader of the black protesters threatened to "burn the United States"
According to the activist, the American “system”, starting from the war for independence, is based on violence. Thus, he confirmed his support for violent methods of struggle.

“The U.S. interferes and undermines the regimes, replacing their leaders with those they like. So it is extremely hypocritical for any American to accuse us of being violent”, –  Newsome said.

He said he does not justify violence, but he believes it is the only effective way to fight it. Newsome cited the events of the 1960s, when blacks were able to achieve their goals, as an example.

In Seattle, many protesters have left the autonomous zone.

“If this country does not give us what we want, we will burn this system and replace it. Is that clear? I can say it both figuratively and literally. It’s a question of interpretation”, –  said the activist.

The presenter asked him to evaluate the position of Martin Luther King, Jr., who opposed any racial slogans and called for unification in love with God. In response, Newsom called Jesus Christ “the most famous black radical revolutionary”, who was killed like other “black activists.

“I just want the release of blacks and black people at all costs”,  –  Newsome added.

A wave of protests and riots swept through American cities after the death in Minneapolis of African-American George Floyd. People took to the streets demanding an end to police brutality as well as anti-racism slogans. Some speeches have been accompanied by looting, and historical monuments have been demolished. The authorities are discussing police reform.


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