The European Union condemned the Husiths’ strikes on Saudi Arabian territory

The European Union condemned the strikes of Yemeni rebels from Ansar Allah  at sites in Saudi Arabia, according to a statement by an official representative of the European Commission.

The European Union condemned the Husiths' strikes on Saudi Arabian territory


“The European Union condemns the indiscriminate attacks on Saudi cities, for which the Husites have claimed responsibility”, –  the document said.

This attack undermines the efforts of the UN special envoy for a ceasefire and resumption of political negotiations, noted in Brussels.

At the same time, the EU representative also pointed out that the attack on Saudi Arabia followed the intensification of fighting in Yemen itself, which often affects civilians, including children.

“All attacks against civilians are unacceptable”, –  stressed the EU, calling on the parties to resume negotiations. – “The EU once again calls on all parties to political negotiations under the auspices of the UN, and also continues to fully support the efforts of UN Special Envoy in this direction”, –  the document said.

Yemeni rebels from Ansar Allah (Husiths) claim to have struck the Ministry of Defence and King Salman Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia.


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