Syrians talked about rebuilding a ruined area in Aleppo

The Syrians told the reporters about the restoration of houses in the Zahra region of Aleppo, which the militants remade to fit their needs and later plundered.

Syrians talked about rebuilding a ruined area in Aleppo

Workers admit that some houses are in such a deplorable state that they cannot be restored and will be demolished.

“Look at the state of this house. The militants here pulled out all the cables from under the stoves. Because of the copper. They re-smelted it and sold it. Now they have to start everything from the beginning. There is a lot of work – the house is badly damaged”, – construction superintendent Dami Kobani said.

The son of a superintendent helps him in his work – collects the unexploded ordnance remaining in the houses. Then they will be handed over to the authorities. Mines still remained somewhere, so the work of sappers in this area is not finished.

The militants obviously didn’t bother much when they remodeled houses to fit their needs – in some rooms there were holes several meters in diameter directly on the floor, so that it was easier to move between floors.

Infrastructure rehabilitation is ongoing throughout Syria. According to the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties, since July 2018, 960 educational and 239 medical institutions were repaired in the country, as well as six motorways and more than 1.3 thousand kilometers of roads were restored. In addition, 199 water supply facilities, 316 bakeries, 778 power substations, two gas stations and 14.5 thousand industrial enterprises were commissioned.

Now more than 2.7 thousand homes are being recovered over the country. In the process of demining the territories left by the militants, 36 thousand explosive objects were discovered and destroyed, including almost 5.4 thousand improvised ones.


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