Police officer detained in New York after applying asphyxiation

A police officer in New York was detained after a video appeared showing him using a choking device, NBC News reported.

Police officer detained in New York after applying asphyxiation

It is reported that former police officer David Efendor may be charged with strangulation. It is noted that this is not the first time that he used force at work: earlier he was already accused of assault after the appearance of a video on which it was recorded how he strikes a teenager.

Earlier, NBC News reported that the policeman was suspended on Sunday due to a video showing the use of asphyxiation against a black man. The video shows how several police officers hold a man on his stomach, and one of them wraps his hand around his neck. In turn, the video from the underbody camera shows how three men argue with the police before the asphyxiation was applied. One of them approaches the police and asks if they are afraid.

A law enforcement source told the channel that the incident occurred after a call came in informing them that three men were harassing other people and throwing objects at them.

According to the representative of the public defender representing the interests of the victim, the man was hospitalized after the incident.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed laws on June 12 to strengthen police oversight, including laws criminalizing the use of asphyxiation during detention and disclosing disciplinary information about police officers.

The death of African-American George Floyd led to more than a week of mass protests against police and racism in the United States and other countries. Activists’ calls include police reform, including changes to the practice of financing law enforcement agencies.


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