New instrument of pressure: US will try to scare the world with religious sanctions

Despite the White House’s ostentatious desire to focus on internal issues, real politics looks different. Washington is preparing a plan to prosecute countries where religious freedoms are violated.

New instrument of pressure: US will try to scare the world with religious sanctions

Donald Trump, which is no secret, is in a difficult position. Elections are ahed, and his successes in the economic field were offset by a pandemic. And then there’s a series of riots in American cities. A global initiative is needed to show the world that America is still strong. And it is necessary to instill confidence in the citizens of the United States themselves in maintaining their leadership.

Apparently, on this basis, the American president signed a decree on “religious freedom”, which deals not only and not so much with the United States, as with other countries in which it is violated.

The text declares an ambitious goal: to ensure this freedom almost all over the world. And those who behave “wrongly” will be subject to sanctions. In general, nothing special. Global initiatives are put forward by every American president. The list of pressure tools is expanding. Now it has religion. By the way, in India, Trump’s message was heard very quickly and simply did not let the Americans into the country, who were supposed to collect information about the persecution of believers.

In fact, the main goal of the document is China. It is charged with persecuting Muslim Uygurs in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. By the way, international human rights organizations also make similar claims to Beijing, speaking almost of the huge camps in which the Uygur are held. Whatever it is, Washington will certainly try to use this seemingly purely ethical, religious issue for purely economic and political purposes.

Measures against Russia are not ruled out, in which, for example, the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses* are prohibited. The US is not bothered by the fact that this recognized extremist religious organization is banned in dozens of countries. But most importantly, they plan to punish the persecution of members of the banned and recognized in Russia terrorist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir*. This is too much.

By the way, according to the tradition, Washington attracted allies to its “project” and created the whole Alliance of Religious Freedoms. It included European and other countries. And even Kiev, accusing Moscow of subversive activities, managed to “get on this train”. But the functionaries of the alliance are obviously not interested in persecution of parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine that is undergoing split. There are millions of them. But they do not fit standards of the West. 


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