Many protesters leave Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle

Many protesters left Seattle’s “autonomous zone” in Washington state, CNN reports referring to a statement by one of the protest leaders, rapper Raz Simon.

Many protesters leave Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle

Earlier, he told the reporters that the protesters intend to resume meetings with representatives of local authorities in the near future.

“Many peaceful demonstrators are being hurt, so it’s sad that we are in America now. Many people are going to leave, many are already gone”, – Simon said.

Earlier, protesters in Seattle declared the “autonomous zone” in the central part of the city, and officers were ordered to leave the area to reduce tension. NBC News reports that, according to local residents, there were between 200 and 250 tents set up by protesters on Monday.

On Saturday, firing occurred on the territory they controlled. Police arrived in the area around 2:30, but the crowd did not allow them to the victims. Later it became known that both wounded were hospitalized. One of them died, the other remained in critical condition in the hospital. Police failed to identify the shooters.

A wave of protests and riots swept through American cities after the death in Minneapolis during the detention of African-American George Floyd. People took to the streets demanding an end to police arbitrariness, as well as anti-racist slogans. Some speeches are accompanied by looting, historical monuments are demolished, authorities discuss police reform.


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