Kosovo moment of truth – uncomfortable questions may arise for Western politicians

The Kosovo deal could be Donald Trump’s foreign policy trump card n the presidential race. The US administration has been active in this area, but past events could spoil Washington’s Balkan ambitions.

Kosovo moment of truth - uncomfortable questions may arise for Western politicians

The first domino tile was already staggering. Hashim Tachi became it. The former leader of the so-called Liberation Army of Kosovo, and now the head of the self-proclaimed republic was accused of war crimes.

The decision was made by the Special Prosecutor’s Office of the International Court of Crimes Committed Against Ethnic Serbs during the Kosovo War. Tachi and nine other UAC militants have been charged with crimes against humanity. They have counted on murders, enforced disappearances, persecution and torture.

It is noteworthy that on Saturday, June 27, Hashim Thaci was supposed to be in Washington, where the American authorities wanted to bring him to Serbian President Alexander Vučić as part of the Kosovo negotiations. Tachi had to refuse this trip. Obviously, there would be little chance of justice being achieved if it were not for the confrontation between the EU and the US in the Kosovo direction.

Until now, Washington seemed to have the advantage. The states eliminated Albina Kurti, who, as prime minister, sabotaged the American concept with the exchange of territories between Serbia and Kosovo. Such a scenario does not suit Germany, as the rapporteur on Kosovo, Viola von Cramon, spoke about in the European Parliament. However, this is not the case now.

The United States has been actively collaborating with Tachi for twenty years, turning a blind eye to the crimes committed. NATO actually stood on the side of the militants when it launched the bombing of Serbia. Ten years ago, PACE Special Rapporteur Dick Marty presented a report according to which the KLA leaders were involved not only in abduction, rape, church destruction and drug trafficking, but also in the sale of prisoners’ organs.

Dick Marty referred to data received from the intelligence services of Western countries, who knew about the crimes, but were silent and continued to cooperate with Kosovo militants. Thus, if Tachi appears before the court, then the questions will be not only to him alone.

Eugene Gaman, specially for News Front


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