German MP thanks Trump for the withdrawal of troops from Germany

The decision of the US President Donald Trump to transfer part of the US military contingent stationed in Germany is welcome, it’s “not a punishment, but a success”, Berlin House Rep. Gunnar Lindemann (“Alternative for Germany”) told the reporters.

German MP thanks Trump for the withdrawal of troops from Germany

Earlier, Trump promised to reduce the number of the US troops in Germany from 34.5 to 25 thousand people, since Berlin has overdue its payments to NATO. Poland stated that it was ready to finance the presence of American troops on its territory and proposed that the United States deploy an American armored division on a permanent basis, taking on costs of about $1.5-2 billion. Moreover, this proposal was put forward outside NATO, bilaterally. Duda suggested calling the base Fort Trump.

“It’s good to hear that Trump wants to withdraw part of the US units from Germany. Please take nuclear weapons immediately, Mr. Trump”, – Lindemann said, adding in his address to the American leader: “Thank you very much, Mr. President Trump!”

According to the deputy, “75 years after the end of World War II, it was time for the American units to finally leave Germany”. Lindemann added that in this way Trump “implements the program of the “Alternative for Germany Party”.

“I consider the withdrawal of the US military not a punishment, but a success. German taxpayers paid many millions of euros to maintain the US army in Germany. These funds can be used more rationally”, – Lindemann added.


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