American general offers Putin a scenario of invasion of Ukraine

Kiev did “right” when it left Crimeans without water. Now it has to really face the Russian army.

American general offers Putin a scenario of invasion of Ukraine

This was told by the former commander of the US Armed Forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges.

According to him, Russia has every reason to start an invasion of the territory of the Kherson region of Ukraine. The general emphasizes that for this Moscow needs to declare a humanitarian crisis in Crimea due to a shortage of fresh water. This is best done during the Caucasus 2020 exercises, he said. Then in the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation, that is, next to Ukraine, a large group of troops will be concentrated.

“There is a serious drought both because of the weather and because of the right decision of Ukraine to block the water that came into the Crimea from the Dnieper through the North Crimean Canal”, – Hodges says. “During the maneuvers, Russia will declare a humanitarian crisis in the territory of Crimea due to lack of water, then they will say that they have no other choice, and they need to seize the dam in Kherson in order to resume water supply to the Crimea”.

The American general hastened to express hope that the script he voiced would not be realized. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that Crimea is extremely important for Russia, since ships are sent from there to support the Syrian government.


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