All states of the planet have experienced the strike

“All states of the planet have experienced the strike”: Ishchenko explained how Western sanctions will play into the hands of Russia.

All states of the planet have experienced the strike

A well-known political scientist told about the crisis of the neoliberal system in the United States.

In an interview with, political analyst Rostislav Ischenko said that almost all countries of the world were more or less involved in the system that the U.S. had been building since the end of World War II and especially actively after the collapse of the USSR. As a result, the internal problems of this neoliberal system had a serious impact on the entire world economy.

“The closer the U.S. gets to the center of the world system, the more countries get feverish, the calmer the further. Russia is lucky in this sense. Because due to the sanctions policy of the West, since 2014, it has begun to actively distance itself and actively create its own autonomous system, which can be closed within the framework of autarchy in contrast to global control of the United States”, –  said Ischenko.

According to the political scientist, it was the situation with anti-Russian sanctions that played into the hands of the Russian economy, which managed to prepare for the current and crisis. This gives Russia the opportunity to pass the current stage with the least losses.


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