The EU may decide to keep Americans out when external borders open

The European Union may decide to keep the door closed to Americans when officials gather on Wednesday to discuss who to let in as the bloc weakens control over its external borders.

The EU may decide to keep Americans out when external borders open

According to Bloomberg, diplomats from 27 EU countries in Brussels plan to discuss the criteria for lifting restrictions on minor trips to the bloc from July 1. One of the criteria being discussed is “reciprocity,” which will mean that U.S. citizens will not be allowed into the bloc from next month, as Europeans are still banned from travelling to their country for health reasons.

Europe is trying to revive the domestic economy with the arrival of the summer tourist season, while protecting against a second wave of infections. Restrictions were imposed in mid-March for 30 days and extended three times until June, when Europe fought to contain the coronavirus.

Earlier, on Tuesday, the New York Times reported a potential longer restriction for American travelers.

The EU is facing a technical test to determine which foreigners should be admitted to the block from July 1, as coronavirus outbreaks are in the flow in many countries, including the United States.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive branch, recommended June 11 that the governments of the member states draw up a common list of countries outside the block, from which visitors will be admitted from July 1, based on “objective criteria” and comparable epidemiological situations.

The EU diplomats can also continue the discussion on Friday this week as they try to agree on specific criteria for easing travel restrictions.


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