The Capitol has begun sabotaging the main idea of the American rebellion

The demand for an end to police brutality was one of the key protesters over the murder of black George Floyd. Both Democrats and Republicans responded to the call of the people by announcing reforms. Now it’s clear that people were deceived.

The Capitol has begun sabotaging the main idea of the American rebellion

The Guardian writes about it.
As you know, both American parties have seen police reform in their own way. As a result, two bills have been submitted to Congress at once. The Democrats promoted their vision in the House of Representatives, having a majority there. The Republicans, they also acted in the Senate.

The day before, the Democrat senators made it clear that they would block the Police Reform Bill from Republicans. Without discussing the document or proposing amendments, they called it “terribly inadequate”. At the same time, the Democratic Party would be able to hold its own bill in the House of Representatives, but the Republican majority in the Senate intended to reject it.

“The partisan opposition means that Congress is less likely to approve any police reform legislation before the November elections, despite high-profile calls for change and the actions of some states and cities to promote their own reforms”, –  the publication notes.

Thus, the U.S. authorities are consciously trying to negate one of the key demands of the American protest. A study previously published by News Front has shown that no other country in the civilized world is as free from police brutality as the US.

No police department in the 20 largest U.S. cities operates under even the most basic international human rights laws, and the authorities deliberately intend to leave it unchanged.


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