“Putin may feel weak”: EU and US anticipate Ukraine’s loss

Although the United States and Europe are still in solidarity in the Ukrainian direction, this position is formal, because transatlantic unity is no longer through the efforts of Donald Trump.

“Putin may feel weak”: EU and US anticipate Ukraine’s loss

It is reported by the publication “Time”.

According to media reports, officials in the EU and the US are alarmed by the ambitions of Vladimir Putin. They believe that the Russian leader allegedly “creates the foundation” for the invasion of Ukraine. Their guesses are based on a statement made by the President of the Russian Federation in the documentary film “Russia. Kremlin. Putin. ” He said that the former Soviet republics got a lot of historical territories of Russia. And although later the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov assured that the Kremlin has no territorial claims against neighboring countries, Western politicians saw in this the danger of losing Ukraine.

Two European officials expressed their concerns to the publication that Putin “might try to exploit the growing tension between the United States and its NATO allies by taking another step in Ukraine.”

“Putin may feel weak,” an interviewee told reporters on condition of anonymity. “The Atlantic alliance is wearing out, President Trump is pulling out US troops from Germany because he says the Germans are not fulfilling their defense spending obligations, and Putin has problems at home.” This can lead to trouble. ”


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