Israeli Air Force raids on Syrian military installations

Israeli aviation carried out several massive bombings in Syria.

Israeli Air Force raids on Syrian military installations

According to the command of the Syrian Arab army, an SAA command center in the city of Sabura in the province of Hama was attacked, as well as an army post in Salamia. In addition, Israeli Air Force aircraft raided military installations in the province of Deir al-Zor near the border with Iraq, as well as near the border with Jordan. In Damascus, it was noted that air defense systems detected missiles in a timely manner, destroying most of them.

According to local information, the objects attacked by Israel included fighters of pro-Iranian armed groups, as well as Iranian military advisers.

Israel did not comment on what happened. As you know, Israel usually explains its airstrikes by destroying “Iranian” targets, and the Syrian troops are not the target. They claim that the Iranian presence in Syria threatens Israeli security.


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