German prosecutors find evidence of Shor’s involvement in stealing a billion

The leader of the European Left Party, Grigory Petrenko, said that in Germany prosecutors of one of the federal states confirmed that Shor was involved in the theft of a billion dollars from the foreign exchange reserve of Moldova.

German prosecutors find evidence of Shor's involvement in stealing a billion

This was reported by Petrenko on social networks.

“As you know, part of the funds from a billion dollars stolen in Moldova was spent, including in Germany. Information on this is also contained in the Kroll-2 report. In particular, through the off-shores involved in money laundering, some charter flights were paid.

The prosecutor’s office of one of the Federal states of Germany, on the basis of my appeal, conducted an investigation and established that Ilan Schor was one of the beneficiaries of these charters.
I will be glad to convey the relevant documents to the Prosecutor General of Moldova, Alexander Stoianoglo. I am sure that there are plenty of grounds for an official request to the German (and not only) law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation and bring to justice all accomplices of the “theft of the century”, ”he wrote.


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