Trump denies termination of trade deal with China

The US President Donald Trump has denied reports of termination of the trade deal with China.

“The trade deal with China is completely safe”, – the American leader wrote on Twitter.

Trump expressed the hope that Beijing “will continue to comply with the terms of the agreement”.

Earlier, Trump’s trading adviser Peter Navarro said on Fox News that the deal was “closed” due to intelligence speculation that the coronavirus pandemic arose in a Chinese laboratory.

According to RIA Novosti, after Trump’s report, Navarro said that his words about the president’s decision to terminate the trade deal with China were “taken out of context”.

The United States and China have signed a two-year interim trade agreement, which is the first part of a trade deal.

It suggests that China will increase $200 billion in volume of goods purchased from the United States. Moreover, the already established duties of 25% on goods from China with a total value of $250 billion remain in force.