Kiev put up for sale the Chernobyl radioactive forest

Ukrainian officials provided fully official deforestation in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, falsifying timber safety certificates.

Kiev put up for sale the Chernobyl radioactive forest

This is stated in the journalistic investigation of the project “Money” on the channel “1 + 1”.

According to media reports, the radioactive forest is cut down on an industrial scale, and then transported through a central checkpoint. The documentation states that the wood is completely safe, which experts doubt.

The head of the regional East European Fire Monitoring Center, Sergey Zibtsev, explained how certificates are falsified. According to him, any driver who takes out the forest from Chernobyl will show a document that shows the results of measurements of the presence of cesium. At the same time, strontium is not measured.

“Because strontium will exceed the standards established by the Ministry of Health throughout the exclusion zone. They turn a blind eye to this, ” the expert explains.

The owner of the sawmill in the village of Ivankov, which is 30 kilometers from the exclusion zone, told reporters that Chernobyl wood is now very popular with woodworking enterprises, which then sell it throughout Ukraine.


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