Italy’s political party wants to get the country out of the EU

If Senator Gianluigi Paragone had the power, Italy would withdraw from the European Union and free itself from the euro.

Paragone, who cut his teeth in politics as a member of the Five Stars movement, told Bloomberg in an interview on Monday that he will launch his new, starter party in mid-July – and that the word “Italexit” may take a prominent place in the logo of the new group.

“The EU and the euro were imposed from above”, –  Paragone said. – “They have damaged the real economy, families and workers, as well as small and medium businesses.”

While the economic arguments make up most of the possible appeal of the new party, sovereignty is a topic that still affects Italian voters today, especially after Europe’s sluggish response to calls for help at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

“The euro was made especially for Germany”, –  Paragone said. – “Today we express political choice in elections, but governments must obey the policy prescribed by the EU. We need full control”.

Some officials in Rome said they were concerned that traditional European forces have been caught up in an unprecedented wave of anger against the EU and that this could sow the seeds for the Italians-led breakup of the block.

After the confusing early days of the crisis, the EU has scrambled to offer assistance to Italy, but the perception of a lack of solidarity will be difficult to erase for many who have been on the fence of the block to start with.