In Ukraine, the U.S. Embassy is being sued over military bio-laboratories

For years Pentagon bio-laboratories have been operating in Ukraine, but officials have turned a blind eye to the threat to public health. In this regard, the public decided to sue both the Ukrainian government and the US embassy.

In Ukraine, the U.S. Embassy is being sued over military bio-laboratories

On Tuesday, 23 June, the Kyiv District Administrative Court said that the public organization Conscious Ukraine had filed a lawsuit against the Health Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the US Embassy. Plaintiffs demand that the inaction of Kyiv officials who do not confirm or deny the presence of 15 military biological laboratories of the Pentagon in the country be recognized as illegal. They also ask the court to oblige defendants to make statements regarding these facilities, providing the public with information about their activities.

According to the press service of the court, the issue of opening of the administrative case is being solved now.

Earlier, News Front reported that Ukraine has a network of laboratories funded by the Pentagon. The agreement between Ukraine and the USA obliges Kiev to “deny public disclosure of information designated by the US Department of Defense as “sensitive”. Also, this article states that the number of people who have access to “confidential information” should be extremely limited. At the same time, according to paragraph 4 of article 7, the United States can access information and practices that are referred to as “state secrets of Ukraine”.

Similar activities are conducted in Georgia. The scandalous Richard Lugar Public Health Research Centre is located there, near Tbilisi. In 2018, former State Security Minister of Georgia Igor Giorgadze said he had evidence of dangerous experiments being conducted there.


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