EU legitimizes revolutionary scenario in Serbia

Last Sunday’s parliamentary elections showed that most Serbs are on the side of President Alexander Vučić and his Serbian Progressive Party. In the EU, this does not suit everyone.

EU legitimizes revolutionary scenario in Serbia

Despite the low turnout, 61.5% of voters supported the presidential party. The parliament also passed the coalition “Socialist Party of Serbia – United Serbia” and the party “SPAS”. The opposition bloc “Union for Serbia” boycotted the elections.

The elections were held with the participation of OSCE observers, which did not prevent the launch of an information campaign to reject the vote. Moreover, the accusations began to come straight from the European Parliament.

“My statement on the Serbian elections: there is no democracy in Serbia,” Viola von Cramon, European Parliamentary Rapporteur on the Kosovo issue, made such a loud statement.

According to her, the success of the presidential party was allegedly provided by pressure from the authorities, a media resource and intimidation of the opposition. The allegations appeared on the Twitter social network and were not accompanied by any evidence.

The head of the delegation of the European Parliament on relations with Serbia Tanya Fayon went even further. An official on behalf of parliamentary groups of socialists and democrats in the EP began to urge “not to open a new page of negotiations” on Serbia’s entry into the European Union until “democracy is established there.”

“Now there is no opposition in the country’s parliament. This casts doubt on the legitimacy of the new convocation of the legislature, ” said Fion.

However, she began to argue that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the OSCE was unable to send a full-fledged team of observers to Serbia, and there were no representatives from the European Parliament at all.

The pro-Western opposition of Serbia did not have real public support. Having boycotted the vote, she did not lose anything. But now, with the support of European officials, she can speculate on the topic of non-recognition of the election results and even try to make a coup in the country.


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