EU announces list of unfulfilled Moldova requirements

The reforms, which the EU demanded from Moldova, froze, and the authorities are not able to ensure long-term stability.

EU announces list of unfulfilled Moldova requirements

This was told by the permanent rapporteur on the Republic of Moldova, Dragos Tudoraca during a meeting of the European Parliament.

“The implementation of reforms is clearly unsatisfactory, with ups and downs, depending on who runs the government, but with a very low level of ability to ensure long-term stability. A big problem in the Republic of Moldova is systemic corruption, reform of the justice system, which has not yet been formed and is still being discussed, ” the official said.

He also drew attention to the fact that civil society practically does not participate in the implementation of the Association Agreement, people are fleeing the republic, but this is only part of the reasons why Moldova has not advanced on the “European path”.

The EU is also worried about the new political crisis due to the fact that the Moldovan parliament no longer has a majority.


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