What became known of Biden’s pressure on Poroshenko

Joe Biden’s presidential ambitions are clouded by his longstanding and highly questionable affairs in Ukraine. MP Andriy Derkach revealed new details of how a Democrat as a U.S. vice president interfered with Ukrainian politics.

What became known of Biden's pressure on Poroshenko

It was once again confirmed that Biden openly blackmailed the Ukrainian president with a 1 billion dollars tranche, trying to protect his son Hunter, who was involved in financial fraud.

Besides, based on the conversation records, Biden is defending the lobbyist of his interests in the energy sector, Naftogaz director Andriy Kobolev.

According to Derkach, schemes with “virtual” pumping of Russian gas through Slovakia allowed stealing about 1.5 billion dollars from the Ukrainian budget.

For his part, Poroshenko discussed with Biden former MP Oleksandr Onishchenko and even joint operations of the Ukrainian security services and the CIA against a fugitive politician. It is clear from the conversation that Poroshenko was very afraid to let the situation out of control. He was concerned about Onishchenko’s communication with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The former president also asked Biden for permission to discuss Arsen Avakov with Arseniy Yatseniuk, as a clear rival for influence in the country.


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