Trump abandoned harsh anti-Chinese sanctions

The rights of the Uyghur minority, which, according to the US version, is being discriminated against in China, were less important than the upcoming trade negotiations.

Trump abandoned harsh anti-Chinese sanctions

According to Reuters, US President Donald Trump, aggressively opposed to China, fearing that it would interfere with trade negotiations with Beijing, has changed his mind about imposing harsh sanctions on Chinese officials who are accused of reprisals against the Uyghur national minority.

“Well, we were halfway to a big bargain. And I made a major deal – potential purchases of $ 250 billion, “the US president explained in response to a question about why he did not impose sanctions against Chinese officials related to repressions in the Xinjiang Uyghur region. +

The USA once again demonstrates that their words about the struggle for human rights, nothing more than words when it comes to big money and profitable contracts, they easily forget any claims.


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