The Roosevelt monument is being dismantled in New York as a symbol of “racial discrimination”

New York City authorities have decided to dismantle the monument to former US President Theodore Roosevelt, located at the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the New York Times.

The Roosevelt monument is being dismantled in New York as a symbol of "racial discrimination"

The Roosevelt monument was erected in 1940. It consists of three main elements: the head of state rides a horse, on one side there is an Indian, on the other – an African.

The decision to dismantle the monument was made by the museum, and the city authorities agreed on its demolition. The monument was considered a symbol of colonial and racial discrimination.

“The growing movement for racial justice that has emerged since the murder of George Floyd has touched the museum community deeply in recent weeks. We have watched as the country and the world have increasingly turned their attention to monuments, these devastating and powerful symbols of systemic racism. <…> Simply put, it’s time for the Roosevelt monument to be removed”, –  said Museum President Ellen Futter.

Recall that after the scandalous murder of black police officer George Floyd in the U.S. riots erupted on the grounds of anti-racism. Earlier, protesters in Virginia threw a monument to Christopher Columbus, who was accused of genocide of indigenous people.


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