Now the Kremlin will definitely intervene – The Washington Post about the services Trump provided to Putin

Moscow is disappointed with many of U.S. President Donald Trump’s decisions, but once re-elected, he can help the Russian leader.

Now the Kremlin will definitely intervene - The Washington Post about the services Trump provided to Putin

The Washington Post, a publication close to the U.S. Democratic Party, said this in an article aimed at discrediting Trump during the election campaign.

According to the media, if Vladimir Putin did not expect Donald Trump to win in 2016, now he “needs him. This statement is explained by the fact that the Russian president needs a foreign policy victory.

“It is true that some in Putin’s circle were disappointed with the Trump administration. Under the influence of hawkish advisers such as John Bolton, Trump has removed the United States from two important arms control treaties with Russia and appears to be about to renounce an agreement restricting strategic nuclear weapons. He fulfilled Congressional mandates for sanctions against Russia and – also under strong bipartisan pressure – was reluctant to supply Ukraine with defensive weapons”, –  the WP wrote.

However, the publication suggests paying attention to the “gifts that Trump presented to Putin” during his presidency. First of all, the author points to the US president’s decision to withdraw a part of the armed contingent from Germany. Trump also “opened the doors” for Russian influence in the Middle East countries and “poisoned once close relations” with Ukraine, the media continue.

“We can expect the re-elected Trump to continue his campaign to rebuild Russia as a G7 member, giving Putin a stronger global platform. He could bring the United States out of NATO once and for all. And he could advance Putin’s most important geopolitical goal by bringing Ukraine back into Russia’s sphere of influence while opening the way for the lifting of U.S. and European sanctions on the Russian economy”, –  the author complains.

All of the above suggests that Putin would allegedly “do everything possible to help Trump. Moreover, the Washington Post says it was Moscow that “threw in” the audio recording confirming Joe Biden’s pressure on Petro Poroshenko. Despite the fact that the 77-year-old Democrat and former U.S. vice president himself confessed to the pressure to eliminate the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the publication denies the incident, calling it “a false accusation of Trump”.

As Ukrainian News Front earlier reported, while still president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko got rid of Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin because he launched an investigation against the Burisma company, which was run by the US vice-president’s son Hunter Biden and which was involved in financial fraud. Then Joe Biden began blackmailing Petro Poroshenko, after which he openly boasted that he had forced the Ukrainian president to dismiss the prosecutor-general.

Donald Trump was interested in these events last year. On the eve of the presidential election, he began gathering information about his opponent’s interference in Ukraine’s domestic politics. In order to distract attention from the scandal, the Democrats even provoked the procedure of impeaching the president, accusing the head of the White House of “pressure” on Volodymyr Zelenskiy in order to get dirt on Biden.


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