Kremlin commented on the publication of Bolton’s book

The Russian practice refers most of the information published by the former adviser to the US President Donald Trump John Bolton to materials for official use, but this is not Moscow’s business, Dmitry Peskov, presidential spokesman, said.

“We can say that, as far as we can understand from the available materials, in this book, Bolton largely provides information related to his official activities connected with negotiations, summits”, – Peskov told the reporters, responding to a question, whether in the Kremlin it is intended to get acquainted with the outgoing book.

“Of course, some of this information, obviously, can hardly be published, at least in our country it belongs to the category of “materials for official use”. We have this practice, most likely, the practice in the USA is different. Again, this not our business”, – he concluded.

Bolton wrote a book of memoirs about working with Trump, it should be released on June 23. The publication of the book was repeatedly delayed after the White House announced that Bolton was going to publish classified information. Among other things, in the book, Bolton stated that Trump did not want to see South Korean President Moon Jae-in speaking with the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un.

Earlier, the court refused to satisfy the administration’s request to ban the publication of the book “The Room Where It Happened: Memoirs from the White House”, since thousands of copies have already been sent to stores throughout the country and abroad, and the contents have leaked to the media. At the same time, the judge agreed that Bolton violated the procedure for coordinating the manuscript with the authorities, having submitted it to the press, and admitted that he could well divulge secret information.

According to the court, now Bolton will either receive fame and money if there is no secret information in the book, or will be prosecuted if there is any. Trump welcomed the judge’s words and promised that Bolton would pay a high price for breaking the law.