Already worthless. Germany recognized NATO as “hopeless” for modernization

Immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO needed modernization or transformation, the German philosopher and publicist Richard David Precht said during the online conference of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce Russia and the World in 2021.


In his opinion, after the end of the Cold War, Germany needed the Alliance “in a new form” as a reformed defensive alliance, “if we no longer have the previous enemy”.

At the same time, Precht noted that the United States has the main force in NATO, they sought to attract the maximum number of countries under their influence. According to him, “from the point of view of the Americans, the Cold War, in fact, did not end”.

“I regret that NATO was not modernized or transformed at that time into another defensive alliance, and that today there are no prerequisites for this process to happen. And it’s a pity that the events that take place in Ukraine are used to contain structures that were created decades ago”, – the reporters  quoted the philosopher as saying.

Earlier, it was reported that NATO had assured Russia of the importance of the new START Treaty.