America will inevitably hear terrible things about Trump

If some legal or administrative miracle does not occur, then on June 23, on the shelves of American bookstores there will be a weighty collection of selected (but not necessarily true) dirt on Donald Trump.

America will inevitably hear terrible things about Trump
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US President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the 47th annual March for Life on the National Mall in Washington, DC, USA, on 24 January 2020.
Donald Trump attends March for Life – Washington, Usa – 24 Jan 2020

The fact that his source is personally John Bolton, a former Trump national security adviser and a very influential figure in the Washington political establishment, already gives this compromising material additional weight, attracting the attention of the media and ordinary voters.

The presidential administration considered this book to be such a serious problem that the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit demanding that its sale and distribution be prohibited (!), motivating it with national security interests, but on Friday the judge considering the case made it clear that most likely he will not forbid anything. CNN reported joyfully from the courtroom:

“The horse, as we used to say in Texas, seems to have escaped from the stall”, – Judge Royce Lambert of the District of Columbia District Court said during a hearing on Friday. “Of course, it’s hard for me to understand what I can do with these books all over the country. Lambert did not make a decision at the almost two-hour hearing and said he would wait and consider more detailed information from the Department of Justice before making a decision. Bolton’s book will be released on Tuesday. It is entirely possible that Lambert will not yet make a decision”.

It’s clear that Bolton’s book is part of the American election campaign and should help Joe Biden win the November election.

Bolton is the flesh of the flesh of that part of the American establishment that has only one goal, one value and one meaning of life – an eternal war, in which every country on the planet is faced with a choice: either kneel before the US State Department, or become the next Libya or Iraq. Donald Trump did not in vain say that if he listened to Bolton, then the United States would be “already in the sixth world war”. He himself probably regrets that he once introduced this supporter of the endless bloody mess to his administration throughout the planet, thus trying to appease the most uncompromising – the “imperial” – part of the American elite, for which there is no party affiliation, but only loyalty the cause of providing American hegemony with force.

Because of the very specific style of communication and business that is typical of the current president of the United States, Bolton simply had an incredibly wide scope for imagination – in the sense that it is very difficult to come up with such an incredible accusation against Trump that no one believes in it at all. The head of state is behaving too eccentrically. And this greatly undermines the credibility of the attempts of the Ministry of Justice and the president himself to stop the publication of the book, referring to the fact that there is one lie and that at the same time its publication undermines national security. Part of the audience will (perhaps rightfully) believe that the president is simply afraid of the truth about himself.

We must pay tribute to the organizers of this political campaign: they provided for judicial risks, and therefore several copies were pre-merged into friendly media, which published selections of Bolton’s most “acute revelations” (or vivid fantasies). Here is a short hit parade of “examples of practical Trumpism” in foreign policy issues based on materials from The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and the Canadian television channel CBC.

The former national security adviser (in the unofficial bureaucratic hierarchy of the United States, this position is comparable in influence with the highest diplomatic and army ranks) argues that Donald Trump considered the idea of ​​a military invasion of Venezuela to be “cool”, and this assessment was based on a specific idea that that the United States actually owns Venezuela. It’s difficult to understand from the media retelling what the claim of Bolton himself, who has not yet met a single idea of ​​the United States military intervention, which he would not like, and one can reasonably assume that the claim is that the president for some reason refused this “cool” idea.

In the list of “incriminating” accusations against Trump, his relations with other world leaders occupy a special place, and in this matter it is difficult to say that the alleged “incriminating evidence” contains at least something surprising. According to Bolton, Trump himself sincerely hates and despises many of his international partners, including Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and French President Macron. Moreover, he has a particularly negative opinion about the French leader – to the extent that Trump allegedly compared Macron with a kind of “Midas on the contrary”, saying that “everything that Macron touches turns into dung”.

According to Bolton, the only two world leaders to whom Trump felt some respect and affinity are British Prime Minister Johnson (whom the British press sometimes likes to compare with Trump due to a certain similarity of character and style) and Japanese Prime Minister Abe (whom the international press sometimes accused of consistently flattering the American leader).

But the most important “revelation” of the former shadow cardinal of the American military-diplomatic system is connected with China. True, we can confidently say that it is false, because in general it does not fit with the real actions of Donald Trump. Bolton claims that Trump actually asked President Jinping to help win the election.

“According to Bolton, Mr. Trump appealed to Chinese President Xi Jinping to help win the election in 2020 by buying more products from American farmers, according to excerpts published on Wednesday by the American media. At a meeting with Xi last June, Mr. Trump “miraculously turned the conversation to the US presidential election, citing China’s economic ability to influence the current (election) campaign, begging Xi to ensure his victory”, – Bolton writes, according to a piece published by US news agencies. Mr. Trump allegedly emphasized the importance of American farmers and the fact that “an increase in Chinese purchases of soy and wheat” may affect the results of the presidential election in America in November “(quoted by The Telegraph).

Our forecast, made before the “bomb” planted by John Bolton in the American info field, was fully justified. We wrote: “Donald Trump’s internal enemies are preparing a trap for him in the event of his victory in the November presidential election: instead of accusations of betraying his homeland and working with the Kremlin, that is, the pestered and deeply discredited Russia Gate, he is likely to be charged with something new, this time related to China”.

Even if the incumbent president can win the November elections, most likely, he will again face impeachment and the next (legal or not so) attempts to be removed from his post, probably using the technology of “color revolutions”, and this time he will be accused of working already Beijing. The fact that this scheme may work and part of the American audience will believe in it, and the expert-media community has already agreed to promote this crazy theory, speaks of the total degradation of our overseas partners who have lost not only common sense, but also the idea of ​​minimal dignity. Regardless of the outcome of these efforts, the trend to search for either Russian or Chinese spies in the White House will lead to further erosion of global respect for the United States. And when they begin to laugh at the leader of hegemony (sometimes contemptuously), then hegemony will not last for long.

Translation of Ivan Danilov’s article, RIA Novosti



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