West unhappy with the way the elections are held in Serbia

The surge of coronavirus is not the only thing in common between the Serbian parliamentary elections and the resumption of the English Premier League.

 West unhappy with the way the elections are held in Serbia

The consequences of the latter will no doubt be overwhelming.

But while Liverpool should soon confirm their first title in 30 years, Alexander Vucic will simply continue the dominant race, which has already stretched to the best part of the decade.

This was reported on Saturday by Balkan correspondents in the BBC.

The President of Serbia began his winning streak in 2012 when his Progressive Party (SNS) became a senior partner in the ruling coalition. His official title was Deputy Prime Minister, but from the very beginning it was clear that Mr. Vučić was in charge of the show.

The victory in the 2014 elections allowed him to become prime minister. Three years later, he assumed the presidency – appointed Ana Brnabich as Prime Minister, but retained solid power over the executive branch.

However, according to journalist Gau Delon, part of the pro-European Serbs still cannot accept the Vučić government, as he held one of the leading posts under Milosevic, in which Yugoslavia collapsed.