US-Iindia trust deficient widened

The US was not happy with India’s role in Afghanistan, and President Trump has expressed his annoyance already, as he wanted Indian troops in Afghanistan, but India interested in Economic gains, political and diplomatic benefits only. Indian Prime Minister kept on repeating his story of building a library in Kabul, which President Trump was not interested at all. India has disappointed the US in Afghanistan, and finally, the Trump administration has approached Pakistan for peaceful settlement of Afghan issue, which also coincides with PTI’s declared policy of partner in peace with every one. Pakistan, with its full sincerely, helped the US in bringing the Taliban on negotiating table. The US acknowledged Pakistan’s positive role and admired it already. 
US-Iindia trust deficient widened
Although Pakistan was a close ally with the US during the cold war era and front line partner in the Afghan war in the 1980s, and non-NATO close ally in its war of terror – Seven decades of friendship and partnership, was written-off unilaterally by the US. Since 2005 or 2006, there were signs of American tilt toward India. India lobbied in America, invested heavily, and created its lobbyist in US-Congress. Indian marketing in American lobby worked out and finally, achieved Nuclear Civilian Deal, Major Defense Partnership, Indo-Pacific Alliance. 
America was generously helping India, financially, economically, transfer of technology. It was opening its door for Indians in the sensitive areas of advanced technologies and the defense sector. Indians were admitted to sensitive research institutions in America, and the education sector was liberally intaking Indian students. On the diplomatic and political front, the US was supporting India to join UNSC and NSG and other important International platforms. Under the patronage, all Western countries were at the services of India. 
Despite India’s extremely poor records of Human Rights, Religious freedom, Situation in Kashmir, Suppression of Minorities, and amended Citizenship Act, Th Western World kept silent and were not taking any action against India. UN was also helpless and could not enforce any preventive measures. 
Can any one imagine that the US and EU were in love with India and generously helping India free of interest? Was it a free lunch? Or Charity? Would you believe that the US or West has no expectations from India in return?
As a matter of fact, the US and Western World was aiming to alleviate India and strengthen India to “Counter Chia, Contain China, and Resist China’s Rise.” America and Europe, instead of confronting China directly, were preparing India to serve their objectives.
The US was wrong in its assessment of India; they could not evaluate India properly, they were victimized by Indian lobby and marketing. India had no potential, no intention, and no will to counter China, Contain China, or resist China’s rise. India fooled them and achived all possible benefits without losing anything. 
Sino-India Stand-off in Ladakh is the best proof that India can not face China, counter China, or Contain China. Indian potential, capabilities, and intentions are very much exposed already. As a matter of fact, India utilized all of its gains from the Western world against Pakistan or its smaller neighbors like Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Pakistan. 
It is believed that the US and its Western allies have already conceived the reality and keeping distance from the Sino-Indo border dispute and stand-off in Ladakh. The trust deficient has been widened and more obvious. Due to its Islamophobia activities, India has been cut-off from the Muslim world, and in the future, it might face more isolation from the US and Western world. It might force India to give-up its extremist policies and anti-minorities practices, human rights violations,  religious freedom, and also help to resolve the Kashmir issue according to UNSC resolutions passed in 1948. 


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