On the eve of the anniversary of the Korean War, the DPRK spoke about the destruction of the United States

The US military contingent is deployed in South Korea to deliver a quick strike on the DPRK, however, if this happens, the United States will be destroyed.

This is stated in a statement by the North Korean Embassy in Moscow on the eve of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.

Diplomats emphasize that Washington has not learned the lessons of the conflict and is again taking provocative steps.

“The American military is deploying all sorts of military maneuvers in South Korea and in the zones adjacent to it, the main purpose of which is the movement and deployment of the American armed forces from abroad and from the mainland on the Korean Peninsula and the quick delivery of an attack on the DPRK,” the communiqué says .

In this regard, the embassy recalled that to date, the DPRK has nuclear weapons capable of “mercilessly punishing those who dare to raise a hand on it.”

“A new round of the Korean war will add a particularly sensational event to the history of mankind, which will put an end to another empire, whose name is the United States,” diplomats concluded.