Nord Stream 2 threatens transatlantic alliance

Germany is politically connected with the United States, but Washington is breaking the line between politics and the economy.

Nord Stream 2 threatens transatlantic alliance

This was said by energy expert Stanislav Mitrahovich, commenting on the situation with US intentions to expand sanctions against Nord Stream-2.

As News Front previously reported, back in December last year, a package of sanctions was dragged along with the military budget in the US Congress. He touched on companies directly involved in construction. When the punitive measures took effect, the Swiss company Allseas, which provided pipe layers and supply vessels, left the project. Construction was suspended at the final stage.

Now, a new bill has been introduced for consideration by the US Senate that expands punitive measures. The authors of the document were Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Ron Johnson and John Barrazo, as well as Democratic Party spokeswoman Gene Shahin. According to the bill, Washington can now blacklist companies and structures providing insurance assistance in the construction of the gas pipeline or legal support for the project.

According to Mitrahovich, the more the US administration shows Germany “in its place”, the sooner the German government will dissolve economic ties with the United States, in particular in the energy sector. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly pointed out the importance of the gas pipeline for the country, but the US ignores this, refusing to concede to a key European ally.

The expert acknowledged that for Germany, tensions with the United States will also become a problem, given the political ties between the countries. Berlin will have a difficult and even fateful choice, Mitrakhovich is sure.

At the same time, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Germany is tired of the arrogance of the United States. Given the importance of Nord Stream 2, this puts at risk half a century of transatlantic cooperation.


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