Black ghettos remain without police: Liberal deal with extremists pushes US into chaos

US citizens, who so vehemently supported the Black Lives Matter movement, do not even understand what they’ve done.

Black ghettos remain without police: Liberal deal with extremists pushes US into chaos

It is reported by the French publication “Le Figaro”.

An extremist organization hiding under pseudo-good intentions quickly found support among Washington liberals during the presidential race, thousands of people chanted “Black Lives Are Important” at hundreds of rallies across the country, but the consequences of such a campaign can be dire for the United States.

The publication emphasized that police arbitrariness and racist prejudices are an important topic that cannot be ignored. However, it is being circulated in isolation from the struggle with other far more depressing realities of African American life.

When protesters do so, cities literally stop funding and close police departments, disasters await African-American neighborhoods. According to statistics for 2018, 7.4 thousand blacks were killed in the United States. However, now no one is clarifying that 90% of them were victims of the same blacks.

“Talking about the culture of violence in the black ghettos is taboo,” Le Figaro notes.

Americans ignore such inalienable factors of life of the majority of blacks as poverty, violence and family problems. All this pulls people to a social bottom, turning many into criminals. Black Lives Matter, in turn, is not aimed at solving these fundamental problems. BLM is an extremist and nihilist organization that, with the active support of liberals, is pushing the country into chaos.

US citizens are already beginning to anticipate this chaos, and Joe Biden, who so vehemently supported black riots, seems to voters not to be the best presidential candidate. Sooner or later, Americans will get tired of the riots, and this will be a chance for Donald trump, concluded in the publication.


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