Zelensky because of Poroshenko makes enemies in the West

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky is doing around the promised landing of Petro Poroshenko what he can do best – the show.

Zelensky because of Poroshenko makes enemies in the West

This was told by political analyst Sergei Mikheev on the radio station “Vesti”.

According to him, the guarantor is afraid of the consequences of the criminal prosecution of his predecessor, as this will anger the Western political elites. At the same time, Zelensky understands that he owes his promise to hold Poroshenko accountable for his high ratings and victory in the election.

That is why the president is bypassing Poroshenko’s real and serious crimes related to the coup, punitive operation in the Donbass or the economy. Instead, Zelensky uses the most controversial articles, on which it is difficult to prove the guilt of his predecessor.

“The story of Poroshenko’s interrogations and so on is for the most part a show, because in reality Poroshenko’s main sins are completely different,” says Mikheev. “He is afraid of touching on what might provoke the West’s discontent, but even his current modest actions cause this discontent.”


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