WP: Assistant Secretary of State resigned due to Trump’s reaction to the protests

Mary Taylor noted that the U.S. President’s statements regarding racial injustice were in sharp contrast to her core values and beliefs.

WP: Assistant Secretary of State resigned due to Trump's reaction to the protests

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs Mary Taylor resigned because of the reaction of President Donald Trump to the mass protests that swept through the country after the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota) of African American George Floyd. The Washington Post reported on Thursday, citing its foreign policy sources.

“Periods of protest can change you, change the vector of your life and shape your character”, –  Secretary of State Michael Pompeo wrote to 30-year-old African-American woman. – “The president’s statements and actions regarding racial injustice and black Americans are in sharp contrast to my core values and beliefs. I must follow what my conscience dictates and resign as Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs.”

In October 2018, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved Taylor’s candidacy for the position. She became the youngest Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs and the first black woman to hold the position. Before she left for the D.O.D., she worked at the White House on issues related to the nomination process for various government and judicial positions. In this position, she also worked with Pompeo. According to the newspaper, she was considered a loyal and integral member of the Trump team.

The American leader took a tough stance against several protesters. He stated that the authorities intend to add the anti-fascist movement “Antifa” to the list of terrorist organizations for participation in pogroms. The president suggested that state governors use National Guard troops to disperse demonstrations. Its units were also introduced in the American capital in order to maintain law and order.


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