The West does not recognize Russia’s right to argument

According to the Russian political scientist, the reaction of the West to Putin’s article is more like barking.

The West does not recognize Russia's right to argument

Preparing a commentary on the reaction of the Western media to a new article by the Russian president, the famous political scientist Sergei Markov drew attention to the fact that the West did not simply want to hear our arguments.

“The reaction to Putin’s article will not be what it should be. There will be either an attempt to shut up, or an attempt to distort and demonize in the usual style. As they are used to over the past 7 years, since 2013, when they launched an attack on Putin. The West, and the US and the EU, simply do not want to talk with Russia. She does not want to listen to arguments from Russia at all. No argument. Does not recognize the right to argument. They came up with a special brand for this – this is Russian propaganda. To justify excess voting rights. He does not want a dialogue, because he does not want a compromise. But he wants to break it with force – economic, elite, media, platform, – Markov wrote in his blog on the social network.

According to the political scientist, all that the West wants is Putin’s departure.

“This is almost the only thing they now want from Putin – that he left. First from Libya, then from Syria, then from Donbass, then from Crimea, then from the Kremlin. They do not wait. And to talk, as Moscow all the time offers? In response, Moscow hears a flood of media barking. Megaphone diplomacy, as Sergey Lavrov calls it very diplomatically. Barking, ”concluded Markov.


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