The Moldovan opposition called its cooperation with the State Department “extremely useful”

Trying to refute the information that the pro-Western political forces of Moldova are receiving instructions from their external patrons, the opposition leader Andrei Nastase suddenly acknowledged the opposite.

The Moldovan opposition called its cooperation with the State Department "extremely useful"

The failed mayor of Chisinau and the leader of the party “Dignity and Truth” Andrei Nastase called “embarrassing manipulations” information about the opposition’s cooperation with Washington through the US embassy in Moldova.
“This is clear, given the responsibilities of foreign diplomatic missions, which insist on refraining from interfering in the policies of resident states. To say that ambassadors dictate terms to party leaders is absurd, ” he says.

However, contrary to his own statements, Nastase admitted that he is still working with the American embassy. Moreover, according to him, he receives “recommendations” from the head of diplomatic mission Derek Hogan. Nastase calls the collaboration with the representative of the US State Department consultations, stressing that they are “extremely useful for both parties.”

It is noteworthy that last year’s events in Moldova with the participation of the US ambassador contradict Nestas’s words. When, after the parliamentary elections, the Socialist Party created a coalition with the pro-Western bloc “ACUM”, the Democratic Party, thus losing power, refused to recognize the new ruling alliance. The then head of the Democrats, the scandalous oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, tried to usurp power. However, contrary to official commitment to a policy of non-intervention, Hogan put pressure on Plahotniuc, and he retreated, and then secretly fled to the United States.


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