Putin says the West is involved in information attacks in the context of World War II

A number of Russian partners are not ready to work together to establish the truth about World War II, but are instead engaged in information attacks on Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Putin says the West is involved in information attacks in the context of World War II

“We all need truth and objectivity. For my part, I always encouraged my colleagues to build a calm, open, trust-based dialogue in order to look at the common past in a self-critical, unbiased manner”, – Putin writes in an article for the American magazine National Interest. 

“Nevertheless, many of our partners are not yet ready to work together. On the contrary, in pursuit of their goals, they increase the number and scale of information attacks against our country, trying to make us apologize and feel guilty, while they themselves accept completely hypocritical and politically motivated declarations”, – Putin writes.

He cited as an example the resolution of the European Parliament of September 19, 2019, where responsibility for the Second World War was directly assigned to the USSR and Nazi Germany. According to him, the clear intention of such a resolution was to cause a scandal.

“It is also fraught with real dangers”, – Putin states.

Putin also called an unfair approach, in which the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is called the main cause of World War II.

“All the leading countries are to some extent responsible for this explosion. They all made fatal mistakes, arrogantly believing that they could outwit others, secure one-sided advantages or stay away from the impending global catastrophe. This shortsightedness, failure to create a collective security system cost millions of lives and huge losses”, – Putin stated.

He also emphasised that World War II did not happen suddenly, it did not start unexpectedly or suddenly. The German aggression against Poland did not come from nowhere. It was the result of a number of trends and factors in world politics of that time. All pre-war events took shape in a fatal chain. But, without a doubt , the main factors that predetermined the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind were selfishness and cowardice of states, the pacification of the aggressor, which was gaining strength, and the reluctance of political elites to seek a compromise.


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