Islamic state reminds of itself with an unexpected blow

Six Syrian troops died as a result of a raid in the province of Hama.

Islamic state reminds of itself with an unexpected blow

The incident occurred in the village of Yttria in the eastern part of the province. There, jihadists in pickup trucks attacked the checkpoint of the Syrian Arab army, as a result of which six soldiers were killed and nine more were injured.

According to reports, the militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization are behind the attack.
Before the raid, the jihadists made several sorties, carrying out reconnaissance in battle.

As News Front previously reported, in the beginning of October last year, against the background of the Turkish military operation “Source of Peace”, IS fighters attacked the city of Raqqa, which they had previously wanted to make their capital. Fifty to hundreds of Islamists and at least three suicide bombers participated in the assault.

In December, they launched a major attack in the central part of the Arab Republic. They fortified themselves in the province of Deir ez-Zor and attacked government roadblocks on the M-20 highway south of Al-Shula. As a result of the attack, most of the Syrian troops died.


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