Export Coronavirus – The New York Times on how the U.S. has handled epidemics in other countries

Washington has put at least ten countries at risk.

Export Coronavirus - The New York Times on how the U.S. has handled epidemics in other countries

U.S. officials claim that migrants become a threat in the face of a deadly virus pandemic. In fact, the U.S. poses a much greater threat, especially given the catastrophic decisions of the authorities.
This is stated in an editorial by The New York Times.

The authors recalled that back in the late last century, President and Democrat Bill Clinton approved a simplified program of deportation of members of the California criminal group to El Salvador. They were then at the origins of terror in Central America, forcing tens of thousands of people to seek refuge in the United States.

Now the U.S. administration is making the same mistake, with the only difference being that instead of thugs abroad they send coronavirus. Thousands of COVID-19 infected migrants are being deported from the US to poor countries that are unable to cope with the epidemic.

“In the face of the pandemic, mass deportations are not only cruel but also dangerous to public health abroad and at home”, –  the article says. – “It is dangerous because the spread and fomenting of the pandemic in any country, not to mention those suffering from corruption and poverty, will only prolong the health crisis and worsen conditions that have led to mass migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Haiti and Mexico.”

As far back as April, Guatemala discovered that a fifth of coronavirus cases in the country involved deportees from the United States. When another U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement plane landed in Guatemala, 71 of the 76 deportees were found to be infected. The information was checked by U.S. medics. All 12 randomly selected individuals were tested positive. This is just one case out of many, because even now the deportations continue. Dozens of flights were dispatched every month to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Jamaica.

In May, more than 7.4 thousand people were expelled from the U.S., and in the first 13 days of June – 2.2 thousand. Customs police say they are checking for coronavirus “some foreigners” to be expelled. At the same time, they admitted that they have at their disposal only about 2 thousand tests, provided by the Ministry of Health. In comparison, some 32,000 people were being held in migrant holding centres.

Earlier, News Front reported on the conditions under which illegal aliens are kept in the U.S. territory. They are kept in common cells, even if one was found to have coronavirus. Moreover, the masks the guards were willing to give only in exchange for a written waiver of claims.


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