China has regained its leadership in Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover

Previously, he had briefly ceded his position to Russia.

China has regained its leadership in Uzbekistan's foreign trade turnover

According to with reference to the data of the State Statistics Committee of the country, China by results of five months of this year again came out on the first place in foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan.

“Following the results of January-May 2020 the foreign trade turnover of the Uzbek Republic has reached 12,9 billion dollars, and, in comparison with the similar period of last year, has decreased on 2,4 billion dollars. At the same time, exports made up 5.1 billion dollars, and imports – 7.8 billion dollars. First place in Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover was taken by China with 2.3 billion dollars (17.9 percent of total turnover). Uzbekistan exported US $668.7 million worth of goods to the Celestial Empire and imported US $1.6 billion worth of goods”, –  it said.

The second place in trade turnover was left to Russia – $2.1 billion (16.9%), while Kazakhstan – a little over $1 billion (8.4%).


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