Bitter irony of the West: The Guardian demands closure for racism

As part of the struggle against the colonial past of Western countries, the initiative group demanded the closure of the British daily newspaper The Guardian.

Bitter irony of the West: The Guardian demands closure for racism

The petition, published a couple of days ago, has already collected 20 thousand signatures.

The logic of closing the newspaper is simple. Founded in 1821, the newspaper then called the Manchester Guardian was founded by John Edward Taylor, who made his fortune in the cotton trade. Cotton, on the other hand, was produced almost 100 percent by slaves in the plantations.
Moreover, even after the founder’s death, the newspaper actively supported slavery and even opposed the American abolitionist president Abraham Lincoln, stating, for example, 10 October 1862 that “the day he was elected president of the United States was a black day for America and for the world at the same time.

…The bitter irony is that The Guardian, in its current version, is one of the main media guns of British leftists, who categorically support the most radical methods to fight the damned past.

As a reminder: as part of this struggle, several Columns, a couple of prominent British benefactors flew off their pedestals, disfigured and hidden from the public eye monumental equestrian King Leopold II of Belgium and even opened relatively recently, in our memory, in honor of the victory in World War II, the bronze Winston Churchill. And that’s not all, because recently the Mayor of London Sadik Khan has built a “Commission on Diversity in Public Space”, and the commission has already begun its work. Its functions include identifying statues of historically wrong characters who earned their living from the slave trade. Among them, by the way, are five British monarchs, namely:

-Charles II (two statues);

-Jacob II;

-William III (two statues);

-Queen Anne (two statues);

-George I.

In general, angry at the historical justice bacchanalia, the English conservatives, as a satirical measure, erected a petition for the closure of The Guardian, the mouthpiece of the new thunderers, also, purely because of its venerable age, tied to the slave trade two hundred years ago.

It is clear that they will not be able to close the newspaper – but at least they show their liberal-leftist opponents that, hell, everyone has the past. And that the past is ridiculous to judge, let alone to execute, by the standards of modern aggressive ideologies.

But all this, of course, will not work. Because the last thing the commissioners and evangelists of new morality are worried about is consistency.

There’s one thing we should probably explain that we often miss.

The story of the Black Lives Matter, which seemed to relate exclusively to the United States of America and its own old history with the black population, whose ancestors were brought a few centuries ago as a slave force, – has spread throughout Europe and reached even Australia not only because of the pure monkey.
It was based on a well-developed ideology. This ideology includes not only racial or religious minorities, but any minority in general, including religious and sexual minorities, but also, just in case, adds to them as much as possible all women, regardless of their desire, all disabled people (among whom there are especially those with mental health problems) and in general all “population groups” arbitrarily defined as discriminated against.

This ideology – usually referred to as the struggle against inequality – assumes by default that the social hierarchy established over previous centuries is deeply perverse and inherently unfair.
The injustice of the social hierarchy in the world creates the fact that it is the (average) heterosexual men from wealthy full families with a good education and heterosexual women who collude with them, who are bribed by wealth and in exchange for it agree to give birth to these alphachs of wealthy children and raise them together.

In a situation where Success is in the hands of the full mafia, countless minorities already invented and still cursed suffer. Behind the board of prosperity according to statistics (the fighters against inequality adore statistics) are regularly those who are not lucky enough to be born in a wealthy complete heterosexual family; who lives with addictions (alcohol and drugs); who has a fashionable bipolarochka and on this occasion sometimes simply can not bring himself to work; who thinks that he is a girl in a youthful body and vice versa; who cannot study well because of psychological trauma; who because of his features can not build social connections and sit at home without doing a damn thing, and so on and so forth.

All of them are victims of Inequality. Ancient, ingrained, unfair.

What is really important here is that justice, which the evangelists and commissioners of the New Testament mean, is not primitive, in the brutal trowel (actually New Testament) style of “who does not work, he does not eat. The very ability to work, and even more so to work hard and well, is considered a kind of “privilege” in New Testament ideology, the result of an advantage gained by a person from childhood or even from birth.

It follows logically that the New EQUAL ideologists demand that an infinite number of adjustments be made to social life on a permanent basis in order to compensate for the lack of success of those affected. Naturally, these adjustments must be made at the expense of the “privileged” – that is, simply normal, not particularly injured people.

That is, roughly speaking, in a situation where you need to hire someone, and your fair (i.e. appointed by the fighters against inequality) quota for just good workers has already been chosen – you have to hire not the best, but the one who suffers more from inequality. Even if, as an employee, he is objectively bad.

This ideology may seem quite crazy – in the sense that it rejects not only the whole of human history, but also simply the biological reality in which all species routinely make a natural selection of successful individuals to the detriment of the unsuccessful.

But the trick is that madness is only in terms of some higher common sense. In tactical and political terms, it is a wonderful innovation that allows specific commissioners and evangelists of the New Equality to rely on all those who have unpleasant feelings about their lowered social status, and on their support to raise their own status to unprecedented heights.

And since these commissioners have appointed themselves to be the ultimate chambers of justice and equality, they have the right to decide what is social injustice and what is not.

Therefore, a particular newspaper The Guardian is not threatened with anything – nothing more than the Democratic Party of the United States, originally a former party of slave-owners.

But those who will be appointed as Enemies of Equality by the “holders of the controlling interest in justice” should be tense.

In this sense, we are curious about the theses that very persistently promote the emissaries of the New Equality in our own, Russian media and ideological space.

It is worth noting that not all of them are marginalized: some sit on state funding and work as “systemic dissenters” and “progressive loyalists. That is to say, they admit that the non-systemic opposition is bad, but insist that the rights of minorities in all their endless diversity must be urgently implemented.

In short, their task is to replace our usual perception of social justice for workers with an ideology of “justice for minorities”. That is, privileges, protections, and benefits for the currently marginalized, including not only and not so much gay men (Russian gays are mostly sanely loyal), but also drug addicts (suffering from the constant risk of getting pregnant under the article), sex workers of both sexes (the word “prostitute” is considered obsolete and traumatic, because they are normal respectable people who simply provide their bodies for money), and so on. At the same time, for the masses, the propagandists of New Equality in Russia impose their roof on all women as well – so that in return, not understanding, they support their ideology with a package.

This is destructive to the state and society – but promises huge bonuses to those who “got addicted to the topic”.

So don’t think that this wave will bypass us. Everything will happen if we let them.

By the way, yesterday we were even accused of racism by the descendants of the slave owners.

Viktor Marakhovsky.


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